Every single one of our Russian courses is planned and prepared to exactly meet your learning needs. We pay close attention to every last detail so that your learning experience is productive and fun.

What are your learning goals?

I’ll be happy to talk through your goals and discuss how I can help you. I can also explain our teaching methods, suggest the best schedule of lessons, provide a training plan and tell you what results you can expect, or answer any other questions about language learning.

Free level assessment

You can arrange a free initial meeting with Vlada in order to get a chance to assess your current level, find out more about the available materials, talk through the course admin, etc, and decide if you would like to go ahead with the course.

Free trial lesson

Trial lessons (1 hour) are possible. If you decide to carry on with the course after the trial lesson, it will be counted as the first lesson of your course and charged for accordingly. In the unlikely event of the trial lesson not being successful, if you decide not to do a course with us, there will be no charge.