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Virus lockdown special offer! Learn Russian remotely!

By Vlada Koroleva
Thursday, March 19, 2020

You can rely on Russians at times of crisis.

We’ve had it all: wars, revolutions, a total collapse of the whole country, food shortages – you name it, we’ve had it. So we are keeping calm and carrying on.

We have transferred all our regular lessons onto Skype and other video calling systems, and our students are enjoying them! All our teachers have a lot of experience in using remote learning tools, and we all have just participated in Webinars specially organised by Moscow State University for teachers who do remote teaching.

So if you’re stuck at home and would like to spend the time productively, we can offer lessons on Skype/Zoom/What’s App etc: any level, any aspect of Russian. We can also familiarise you with Russian culture, literature, traditions - if that interests you more than the language itself. Our special ‘anti-viral’ introductory offer is: first 5 hours/lessons at the rate is £35 per hour, followed by another 5 hours at £38 per hour (compared to our normal rate of £40). Moreover, we can give you our own study materials for a 10 hour course for free, so that you do not have to buy a textbook. Plus, an initial phone consultation with me to make sure that this is the right course for you and set your goals.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep well and safe, and keep learning!


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