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Just Russian

...Just learn it!


Beginner Russian Course

Courses and 1:1 lessons designed for complete beginners.

General Russian Course

Available at all levels, from complete beginner to very advanced.

Business Russian Course

Focusing on specialist Russian business vocabulary and business environment.

Specialised Russian Course

Focusing on certain aspects and areas of proficiency in Russian.

Intensive Russian Course

Learn Russian faster by taking an intensive Russian course.

Corporate Russian Course

Russian courses and 1:1 lessons for corporate clients, on company premises.

Private Russian Tuition

1:1 Russian lessons for private individuals at all levels, with flexible timing

Short Russian Course

A limited number of Russian lessons, with a specific goal.

Russian GCSE, TRKI & A-Level Tuition

Russian GCSE, TRKI & A-Level Tuition will help adults and school students with exam preparation.

Russian Cultural Awareness

Feel confident in the Russian business and social environment.

English for Russian native speakers

English tuition by experienced Russian tutors of English.

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