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Specialised Russian Course

Specialised courses are focused on certain aspects and areas of proficiency in Russian, such as: translation and interpreting skills, newspaper vocabulary, presentation skills, advanced grammar studies, listening comprehension skills, etc. Such courses are completely tailor-made to suit the needs of an individual student. We often create a set of materials specially for a particular course/student.


Specialised Russian Course

  • Are designed for advanced learners, focusing on certain aspects of the Russian language.
  • Include specific aspects of study: newspaper style, advanced grammar, translation/interpreting skills, presentation skills and many other language applications.
  • Can make use of learners’ own materials (e.g. work-related documents).
  • Take advantage of our large selection of specialised materials on various subjects.
  • Are held at your home or your office in London at no extra cost, or on your tutor’s premises, if you prefer.
  • Can be arranged at weekends and in the evenings.

Course Costs

  • The rate for 1:1 tuition is £40 per hour for private individuals, and £45 per hour for corporate clients.
  • A typical extensive course consists of 1.5 hours a week (1 lesson), plus homework.
  • For courses outside central London we may have to charge travel expenses, by agreement with the tutors.
  • There is a 24-hour late cancellation policy, common for all language schools.

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